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Q: How is the Q+A community keeping their spirits up?


As our self-isolation goes on, and any novelty of working from home or feeling guilt-free spending a weekend completely indoors wears off, it’s becoming more apparent that we might just need some positive habits to keep calm and think optimistically as to not become insane.  

As a little break from my ranting, I asked our Q+A community for their working from home and wellness tips. So without further ado…


"Keep exercising, eat healthily (in the fresh air if you can), send your Mum some flowers, drink some wine and relax."

Julia,  Finance Director  

“I'm working on my post lockdown Glow Up trying to get my skin looking the best ever! My other WFH habits include ending work with a phone call to my mum whilst we’re both on our daily walks outside, and after the Tiger King on Netflix fried my brain, I’ve been getting into a new book and switching off from everything going on outside!

Isabella, Key Account Manager 

"I have been making the most of time at home to improve my cooking skills and try some new adventurous recipes with my girlfriend. I have also been using the time to take long baths and look after my body, while testing out potential new skincare products."

Jose, Marketing & Online Sales Manager

"My self-care tool is writing to-to lists. First thing in the morning, I sit down with a cuppa and write up my goals for the day. I relish this time, dedicated just to myself. I find that it clears my mind of all the tasks that feel like they’re mounting up - dissecting them into small manageable chunks. Crossing off my accomplishments as I go is so satisfying!"

Becky, @theglowingminamalist, Q+A brand partner

"I had this old spider plant on my bookshelf that was basically dead, it was pretty unloved, the tips of the leaves were all brown and brittle, and I was thinking about throwing it away. Then the lockdown started. I moved it to my desk and started to give it some much-needed attention. Nothing fancy, just making sure it got some water every other day, a pinch of plant food I found under the sink, a bit of natural light in the afternoons etc. 2 weeks in and it's like Lazarus from the grave - it's even got new shoots. It just goes to show that if you take the time to take care of something and give it the attention it needs, the results will speak for themselves. The same rule applies with self-care too (just avoid the plant food!)."

Rich, Purchasing & Wholesale Manager

"One thing I really like to do when I have spare time is to pick out 5 books - I rarely read fiction so always non-fiction - and select a chapter at random and read 5 random chapters of different books. I find it weirdly relaxing because it is very stimulating for the mind and in the same sense a real distraction."

Freddy, Founder / Director

"A hot bubble bath, detoxing charcoal mask and a 10-step PM skincare regime. For me, this is my self-care ritual. Allocating time every evening to relax, have some me-time and just hit pause on any stress or anxieties I have going on in my life or the world around me."

Annie, @youglowgrrl, skinfluencer

“ I call my friends and family who I haven't seen for a while, have a catch up on what they're up to, and how they're getting on with working from home!  Although it's super important to practice social distancing at the moment, it so easy to slip into the habit of cutting yourself off entirely! A catch-up phone call can really brighten someone's day, and I find chatting about other peoples WFH habits make me feel a little less guilty about my own...
I've also been sorting through the huge assortment of magazines I collected at uni! I'm planning on getting crafty and making some collages with the cuttings over the weekend."

Lucy, Brand Marketing Coordinator

“To curl up under a blanket in the evening with those I love around me (in person or virtually) and a hot cup of coffee - great! :)"

Janet, Head of NPD and Purchasing

And mine,

A book and a chai latte in the evening, being wrapped up in a blanket optional. On weekends I like to get up early and sit by a window with a coffee and some sort of craft or art; I find the inability to go out and do things means I am always getting frustrated feeling like time is just slipping away. Doing something that has a direct physical outcome eases that angst and I don’t feel as hopeless. Also, the more I make, the less I’m looking at the exact same walls every day!  Also, requesting my parents send pics of our dog... 

We'd love to hear which habits you've adopted, or have kept you sane, throughout this strange time. 

All the best,

Amy & Team Q+A

Amy Robson
Online community coordinator at Q+A and appreciating the extra time I can spend in my Ugg boots

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    Thank you for your lovely suggestion and caring messages. I m a single mum feeling more than ever super tired now…
    Take care xx

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