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Great body scrub

When opening the bottle, the smell is amazing. I love vanilla as a scent and this wasn't too overpowering. When putting on your skin it has a lot of slip. It's a thing type of scrub, other scrubs I've used have been a lot thicker. This scrub has small granules and gives a light exfoliaton, its not to abrasive like some other scrubs can be. When washing this off, my skin felt smooth soft and it felt very moisturised.
After a few days of using, I've noticed I used quite a bit of this scrub. It could be me and just liking to see the suds on my skin but I found I squeezed a big blob on my hand 3 times for my whole body. Overall I will say that this body scrub is lovely to use, the smell is amazing. I would say to use it sparingly as I think I went a bit overboard with it, but that could be cause the smell was so lush and just rubbing it on my skin felt amazing. Your skin will feel soft and moisturised after using this.

Great post bike ride

Having spent a few hours cycling about the forest, this was a welcome way to cleanse away the sweat, dirt, and sunscreen. Smell is pleasant and the viscosity is perfect. Influenced to buy given it is produced in Norfolk, glad I did.

Smoothes and polishes

Really enjoy using this product. Nice fragrance (fruity, warm vanilla) and the scrub feels effective but gentle. It's worked wonders on smoothing my skin. Love!