How can I spring clean my skincare routine?

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How can I spring clean my skincare routine?


At last, Spring is in the air and just as you’d refresh and declutter your wardrobe for the new season with lighter layers, the same can be applied to the products you put on your face. 

While you don’t need to switch out all your products, it can be a good idea to swap the overly rich moisturisers and heavy oils for lighter textures. Our products here at Q+A are equipped for all seasons, but let’s dive into the Spring skin saviours!

Exfoliating Cleansers

With the warmer weather approaching, our skin is more at risk of congestion and breakouts and acne due to sweat and product build-up. Adding a supercharged cleanser with Niacinamide into your skincare routine can help decongest pores, keep Spring breakouts at bay and leave you with a fresher, smoother and brighter complexion. Our Niacinamide Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser is formulated with biodegradable Jojoba Esters to gently exfoliate without upsetting the skin barrier. And prebiotics Inulin and Fructose help to balance the skin's good bacteria. This calming formula helps balance oil levels, minimise breakouts and protect against irritation whilst providing a much-needed skin refresh.

Niacinamide Gentle Cleanser

Lighter Weight Moisturiser

For some, warmer weather can lead to oilier skin and breakouts, and for others, dryness may worsen as the weather gets warmer! Moisturisers containing Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Squalane and Ceramides are your best friends for delivering moisture and a skin-barrier boost without overloading your skin with oily ingredients. Our Amino Acid Oil-Free Moisturiser is a lightweight, oil-free formula that contains Glycerin and Amino Acids to hydrate, rebalance and promote a clearer complexion. For those with oily and stressed skin, it’s a skin saviour in the warmer seasons. Alternatively, a great all-rounder is our Ceramide Barrier Defence Face Cream, which is perfect for all skin types. Bursting with Pineapple Ceramides, pro Vitamin E and Squalane, it moisturises, brightens and protects to keep your skin barrier strong and healthy.

Ceramide Face Cream
Amino Acid Oil Free Moisturiser

Add a Super Serum

A dew-boosting serum that rejuvenates, balances, soothes, hydrates and controls oil whilst protecting and strengthening the skin barrier all at once sounds like an impossible task. But not for our Niacinamide Facial Serum! Perfect for all skin types, it's infused with Niacinamide, soothing Allantoin, Blood Orange to promote cell renewal and flavonoid-rich Caper Buds to prevent free radical damage and inflammation. It also includes a special Super Glow Extract, formulated in the Q+A lab, containing antioxidants fruit extracts and Niacin to revitalise the complexion. Who wouldn't want their skin to mirror those brighter days!

Niacinamide Facial Serum


It's important to apply sunscreen all year round, but it's even more essential for the warmer seasons. During Spring, we can start to see the sun causing changes in the skin, from hyperpigmentation to increased sensitivity. Without protection from UV rays, in the long term, we can expect premature ageing of the skin. It's important to stay protected from these harmful rays by applying sunscreen everyday, no matter the weather - don't let April showers put you off! Choose a broad-spectrum with at least SPF30 protection for best results. Watch this space as Q+a has a very exciting launch coming soon...

Review Your Products

When was the last time you sorted through your skincare stash? The tell-tale signs of an expired product include separation and colour or texture changes. The Period After Opening (POA) symbol is a great indicator of when it's time to get rid. You'll find this little jar icon with a number inside on the label of every product in your collection. The number indicates how many months the product remains usable after opening, ranging from 3 months (written as 3M) to 12 months. If you opened a product last Spring and you haven't reached for it, it's probably time to dispose of it. Rinse out your products, separate the components (like the plastic lid from the glass jar) and pop them in the recycling to minimise the impact of your skincare waste.

PAO Symbol

By storing your skincare in the recommended conditions, you can help to prolong its life. It's generally best to keep your products out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place and be sure to seal the product securely after use.

Clean Your Brushes

Keep skin-irritating bacteria at bay by cleaning your brushes. A silicone brush cleaning mat (which only costs a few pounds) and a gentle shampoo, or an oil-based cleanser, is all you need to give youre brushes a proper clean - ideally at least fortnightly. Simply wet the brush, massage in the cleanser, and swirl on the mat for squeaky clean brushes. If your brushes are made with synthetic fibres, don't blast them dry with a hairdryer as they could melt! Leave them to dry naturally for 24 hours, or if your heating is still on, pop them on the radiator to speed up the drying time.

With a little Spring cleaning, you'll be ready to welcome the warmer months with radiant, healthy skin. Remember to review your collection regularly, swap out heavier products for lighter textures and always prioritise sunscreen! If you have any questions about how to change up your regime, get in touch via email or Instagram, and we'll be happy to help.

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