Ethical Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

Q+A, as a part of Ellipsis Brands, is committed to identifying and eliminating instances of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains. We require all suppliers and partners to adhere to our modern slavery policy, which also covers the issues of human rights, forced labour, and child labour, which is reviewed on a regular basis. We also monitor suppliers through on-site visits and audits to ensure there is no ongoing slavery risk. Training is provided to all staff who have a direct responsibility for relevant supply chains.

Ellipsis Brands will take appropriate action if a supplier is found to promote modern human slavery in some way.

To view our extended statement, click here.

Sustainable Practices

Q+A is committed to actively using, implementing and researching sustainable practises in order to improve the impact all aspects of the business have on the environment.

Current practices include:

  • Producing 100% of the Q+A range in-house. This reduces our carbon footprint, and allows us full transparency of the production process. Includes both making the product, and filling.
  • Using recyclable packaging where possible. (For individual product recycling information, please refer to the product page)
    • 100% recyclable cardboard product cartons, shipper boxes and paper stuffing.
    • PET plastic tubes, which contain 10-20% recycled content (PET plastic is one of the most easily recycled plastics)
    • 100% recyclable glass bottles (with the exception of rubber bulbs for pipettes, which require recycling at a more specialist recycling centre and cannot be placed in domestic recycling)
    • 100% recyclable paper tape
  • Ingredients and packaging are sourced within the UK where possible. This reduces our carbon footprint, and allows us to support local businesses.
  • Harvesting ingredients and extracts onsite. Our Development Lab currently use their chemistry expertise to harvest ingredients and extracts for the Q+A range, eliminating a step in our supply chain and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Partnering with companies that value sustainability. We are currently a part of a tree replantation scheme, the Eco-Packaging Alliance, and partner with COSMOS certified suppliers. In 2020, 17,337 trees where replanted in 22 locations, including Venezuela and Australia following devastating bush fires.
  • Using a carbon-neutral hauling supplier. They offset all of their own emissions, and are aiming to offset the emissions of all suppliers and customers as well as their own by 2030.
  • Using energy saving machinery where possible. Filling machines use compressed air rather than electricity.
  • Solar panels on site. Reducing our energy consumption by offsetting with renewable energy.
  • Using a bio-fuel generator. Heavy machinery relies on vegetable oils, rather than diesel or petrochemicals.
  • Using a bailing machine. This allows us to compress used cardboard and plastic into bales, which reduces the amount of waste and general recycling generated onsite, as well as the frequency of waste collection. Bales are collected periodically to be repurposed or recycled.
  • Sustainable PR practices. We avoid excessive packaging and remain as recyclable as possible. PR is only sent to individuals who confirm their interest in receiving the gift. Extra items included in PR boxes are sources locally where possible.

Future practises we are committed to implementing:

  • Own tree replantation scheme. We are in the process of setting up a replantation scheme in Norfolk, where we are based. We will continue to be part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance.
  • Recycling water waste. We are currently looking into sustainable and innovative ways to recycle water waste produced throughout the production process, as well as rainwater.
  • Onsite garden. We have plans to construct our own garden onsite to grow a selection of the active ingredients used in Q+A products. This will reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating shipping, and allow us full transparency and control of the supply chain.

Animal Testing

According to UK legislation:

  1. No cosmetic product may be placed on the market—
    1. where the final formulation of the product has been the subject of animal testing in order to meet the requirements of this Regulation;
    2. where the ingredients or combinations of ingredients of the product have been the subject of animal testing in order to meet the requirements of this Regulation.
  2. No animal testing of finished cosmetic products may take place in the United Kingdom in order to meet the requirements of this Regulation.
  3. No animal testing of ingredients or combinations of ingredients may take place in the United Kingdom in order to meet the requirements of this Regulation.

(You can view this legislation here)

Ellipsis Brands has always, and will always, adhere to UK law. We believe that testing on animals is unacceptable, and expect all of our suppliers, manufacturers and other third-party companies to also adhere to a standard of zero animal testing/cruelty. This applies to companies in the UK, and overseas.

As a result of the above legislation, which was originally introduced in 2013 for the European Union, and amended in 2019 due to Brexit, we are not required to include a written statement, or third-party qualifications (such as the Leaping Bunny) on our packaging to notify consumers that we do not test on animals. Please do not be discouraged if you can’t see this information on our product packaging! You can always refer to the above legislation or get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Further to this, none of Ellipsis Brands products are sold into any markets where animal testing is a legal requirement.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Q+A has a robust anti-discrimination policy which applies to all staff, as well as within the recruitment process. This includes race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion or affiliation, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age or disability. We are committed to ensuring that the Q+A community is a safe space for all involved, marginalised voices are given equal representation, and our online platforms support a diverse range of content creators.

Q+A is concerned with social injustices, and has supported various causes that we believe also embody our values of inclusivity, accessibility, and fairness, both financially, and through gifting. We also try to be regularly involved in local charity opportunities, as a small, family-run business we understand the importance of supporting those in the local area.
Charities and causes Q+A has supported include:

  • Key Workers within the NHS. We supplied care packages to NHS staff across the UK to show our appreciation of their tireless and selfless efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Show Racism The Red Card. We financially supported the UK’s largest anti-racism education charity, which provides educational films and resources for young people and adults to tackle racism.
  • Southall Black Sisters. We financially supported this UK not-for-profit organisation which supports and empowers black and minority women who have experienced domestic and gender-related violence, through advice, advocacy, resources, and services to enable them to escape violent relationships.
  • Blueprint For All. We financially supported this charity (formally known as the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust) which works with disadvantaged young people and communities within the UK to provide support and opportunities for them to excel in life, and create systemic charge in society.
  • Little Village. We supported this donation-based charity which provides clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children, by donating care packages for mothers in need.

All physical spaces inhabited by Ellipsis Brands, including the office, development lab and warehouse, are wheelchair accessible.