Q: Is it time to Spring clean my skincare routine?


The start of Spring gives us an opportunity to pack away our winter woollies (although maybe not quite yet for us in the UK!), and declutter our living spaces, ready for a new season! Perhaps it’s the longer hours of sunlight which shed some extra light on everything we’ve collected in the last few months to a year, or the excitement for newness and a light feeling in our steps, or perhaps I’m talking complete nonsense! The tradition stands however, and our skincare routines aren’t protected from our Springtime scrutiny.

In fact, revisiting your routine seasonally can be a great way to make sure that you’re addressing all of your major concerns rather than just slapping on what’s in the bathroom cabinet, as our skin can require different focuses throughout the year, as well as make sure you’re not hoarding unnecessary products.

So, what are some good rules of thumb when Spring cleaning your routine?

Keep it simple 

Our skin thrives off consistency, so focus on your main daily routine, and those products which you use once a week or month, or for specific concerns like blemishes. Follow our evening routine or full routine blogs to bring your focus back to the essentials.

Use what you have 

Pressing restart on Spring doesn’t have to mean buying anything new! Look at all the products you already have and shape your Spring routine based off what is suited to your skin. We don’t want to waste anything we can use, and many products may pass their shelf life before next Winter. Maybe it’s time to have a virtual spa evening with your friends to make good use of your face mask stash? If there’s a product you’re not sure about, look for other uses it may have – like our Squalane Facial Oil being great for hair and nails as well as skin, or your heavier cream to be used on your hands and body!

Pay attention to shelf-life dates 

If you’re not yet clued in on the symbols on the back of your favourite products, there’s one to learn right now. The shelf life of a product can be seen by a little icon that looks like an open jar (which you can see below). The number inside will let you know how long it is effective for once opened. For example, you’ll find either a 6M or 12M on the Q+A range, standing for either six or twelve months. If you’re not planning to use a product consistently, maybe it’s best to store it instead! Products which are unopened can last for a lot longer and will be just as effective when you come to them. When it comes to Q+A, you can keep an unopened product for up to three years!

Dispose responsibly 

Let’s avoid throwing entire products in the bin! If the packaging is recyclable, then take the time to clean out the inside and place in your recycling bin. Or perhaps use one to help organise another area of your cleaning schedule? If you have full, unopened products you’re not going to use, offer them to your friends and family first, in case they can go to a better home, or donate them to a beauty bank or local charity who can pass the product on to someone in need.

Pay attention to your skin 

As it gets warmer and you perhaps spend more time outdoors, pay attention to how your skin is changing. Look out for tell-tale signs that things need to go in a new direction, such are dry patches, feeling super oily by early afternoon, or deepening fine lines, so that you can adjust accordingly! Don’t forget your SPF! If the change in season means you’ll be wearing more makeup day to day, or perhaps upping your SPF game, don’t forget to tailor your routine to making sure your skin stays clear by double cleansing at the end of the day.

Try Something New 

If you’ve run out of your usual mask, or cleanser, now’s the best time to consider if it’s the right product for you before you end up with another one to use up. Remember, skin care shouldn’t be a guessing game and we’re here to help if you feel like trying something new! Just send us an email with your skin type and concerns as we’d love to offer some recommendations!

Clean your space 

Something I’ve always found helpful when curating a new routine is making sure the bathroom, or specifically the area where I apply all my products, is just as sparkling clean! Take a few minutes to make sure the mirror is spotless, there’s no dust hiding in your cabinet, and your products aren’t sitting out on wet or dirty tiles. You could even wipe down your products to create an Instagram worthy shelfie! It’ll be that much harder not to feel in a good mood whilst you apply your routine, and hopefully help give you a confidence boost when you see your bright, clear and gorgeous faces in the mirror before you head off for the day! This is also your reminder to regularly wash any reusable face cloths and hang them out to dry, clean the brushes you use to apply face masks and makeup, and wipe down your beauty tools, like a gua sha, to remove any lingering product or bacteria.

Happy Spring Cleaning! Let me know down below if you have a trick to revolutionising your routine in Spring, and please get in touch with us via email or DM if you’d like some recommendations. Let’s hope the next three months have plenty of enjoyment, socialisation, and clear skin in store for us!

See you next time, 

Amy @ Team Q+A

Amy Robson
eCommerce coordinator at Q+A and has her weekend plans sorted! 🧼

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