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Q: What do I need to know about Q+A’s new Snow Algae Intensive Face Cream?


Hello everyone! I hope you're getting the chance to take a few deep breaths this December, it seems like this year has passed in an absolute flash! Or perhaps you're holding out for a quiet January? If busy periods like this can teach us anything, it's that we often need a little more than a cup of tea and an early night to help recover - and the same goes for our skin. Sometimes what we need is a little more, say, intensive! Which brings me to our newly launched Snow Algae Intensive Face Cream…

Let’s start by talking about the texture of our latest launch. This nourishing cream has a thick but bouncy texture, thanks to a combination of rich oils and butters that make up the formula. A little goes a long way, so you’ll only need a small amount for a serious moisture boost. Don’t worry though - it won’t leave a greasy residue if you go a bit overboard on application, and we’re sure you’ll be surprised at how quickly it sinks into your skin!

It’s certainly a product to be excited about, especially if you like to geek out on skincare ingredients like me. Our titular ingredient is pretty special! Show Algae, also known as watermelon snow or pink snow is actually a species of green algae, but its chemical makeup means that it turns pink/red when exposed to bright sunlight. We call it an extremophile, which means it can survive in very harsh conditions. In this case, freezing temperatures. What better to carry you through this chilly winter? Used topically, Snow Algae has a number of great benefits for the skin, namely helping to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier when facing different environmental conditions (hello chilly winds and drying heating), whilst stimulating collagen production, hydrating your skin, and rejuvenating those hard-working skin cells! We especially recommend this ingredient for dry and mature skin types, as all of these benefits are great for restoring your complexion and protecting against signs of ageing!

Blended with our Snow Algae active is a rich Shea butter base, delivering vitamin E & F alongside collagen-supporting nutrients, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Great for soothing stressed and super dry skin, our team believes this is one of the best skin moisturisers you can use! Then comes Q+A favourite Hyaluronic Acid to really draw lots of moisture into your skin and prevent it leaving your skin cells too soon, all whilst improving the elasticity of the skin (not to mention that signature Hyaluronic Acid glow!). Finally, it's none other than Aloe Vera. Boasting a bounty of antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and phytonutrients, this calming ingredient really packs a punch! Perfect for complexions in need of rest and restoration.

Altogether, this cream is the perfect solution for skin struggling with the change in season, and those colder conditions. If you've found it difficult to find a moisturiser that provides enough hydration and protection for your skin to last all day long, you may have met your perfect match! And if you're looking to freeze signs of ageing in its tracks, Snow Algae is certainly equipped for the job.

Pick up our latest launch before the 23rd of December and receive a free Festive Favourite Christmas Cracker (worth £6.50) with every order. If you’re shopping for gifts, don’t forget Monday 20th December is your last chance to order in time for Christmas, so now is certainly not the time to move at a glacial pace!

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Amy Robson
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