Q: What has Q+A achieved in its first year?


Hello! Two blogs in one week? Something special must be happening... Something special indeed! This coming week, as you probably deduced from the title, Q+A turns 1-year old 🎈

 We have plenty of celebrations in store, so keep an eye out on the blog and Instagram this week, but today I thought we'd go through a little summary of some achievements Q+A has made in the last year that we're pretty proud of ☺️



Sold enough products to scale the Eiffel Tower 27 times

Or, for those more patriotic, 84 Big Bens! Considering our tallest product coming in at 170mm high, that's quite the feat!



Opened our own on-site development lab, and factory, to make 100% of our products in-house

This change means our carbon footprint has decreased dramatically, reducing the emissions (and excess packaging) involved in shipping various levels of finished product around the country. We have even more control over our supply chain as well, to make sure every company we work with shares our values of sustainable and ethical practise!


Doubled our Warehouse team

From humble beginnings last late October, our warehouse team has completely doubled to today! All to make sure you receive top quality products made with care and precision. 



Grew our Office & Lab Team

Since October last year, we've welcomed 11 new people to the office and production lab, yours truly included! Although some of that time has been spent working from home, we've all loved being back together and building a collaborative work environment. 


Donated over £4000 worth of products to key workers over the COVID-19 lockdown

We have been so grateful for the hard work and gruelling hours our key workers have endured to keep the country safe, and what better way to show our appreciation than share a little love so those workers were still feeling looked after. 


Been stocked in over 1,500 stores worldwide

Despite things trending online this year, we've dived into stores across the globe, including Holland & Barrett in the UK, Urban Outfitters in the US, and Bipa in Croatia!



Been featured in over 250 pieces of press

Q+A has been highlighted in Glamour (our first ever piece of press!), The Guardian, Mirror OnlineThe Times and Refinery29 to name a few, and we can't explain how rewarding it's been to see the range so well received across the board. A huge thank you goes out to our amazing PR Laura, who has helped us to achieve this amazing press!


Consumed approximately 7056 hot drinks 

The Q+A hasn't gotten to this point without a little support from our old friend caffeine! Those cold winter days aren't going to warm themselves... 



Replanted trees in four countries

Through one of our suppliers who is part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance, we've helped in the monumental effort of planting 10,000 trees across Australia, Haiti, Vietnam and the Amazon Rainforest! Every tree counts!



So, I hope you found that as interesting as we did!  Thank you for sticking with us this far, whether you've been on board since the start, or just recently arrived, we couldn't have made it here without our amazing Q+A community!  And like I said at the start, this is only the beginning of a wonderful week of celebrations. Keep your eyes peeled for some new pressies, for those who are big fans of some of our current products, and those looking for something a little different! If you're one for clues, we've put together a guess-the-product-from-the-emoji for each new surprise...


🍏 ⚡️ 🧪 🤣


🌼 🌠 🌙 💧


🧜‍♀️ 🌊 👀 👵🏻 


🧼 💦 😍 🚰


🛍 👩‍👩‍👧 💸 🎁


Happy Birthday Week!

Amy @ Team Q+A

Amy Robson
Online community coordinator at Q+A and celebrating by having a little holiday 🚌


  • Posted by Georgina Osborne on

    Can’t wait to see your new products
    Happy Birthday 🥳🌈🎂🍬🍭🌈🥳

  • Posted by sueorr on

    During lockdown it’s been wonderful to read your reviews on your products, introduce them to my daughter who I have not been able to see for eight months and both enjoy their speedy arrival to our respective homes. Thank you.

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