• Daily Essentials Bundle
  • Daily Essentials Bundle

Daily Essentials Bundle

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Invest in your skin with Q+A's Daily Essentials Bundle. Four simple steps to your best skin yet! This bundle contains:

Peppermint Daily Cleanser

Q+A Peppermint Daily Cleanser is packed with natural actives that will soon become essential in your daily skincare routine. It provides a gentle cleanse, that won't upset the natural oil balance of your skin.

Niacinamide Daily Toner

The Niacinamide found in our Daily Toner is an essential vitamin that our body can’t produce. It helps to calm redness and inflammation whilst minimising the appearance of pores.

Seaweed Peptide Eye Gel

Supported by collagen building Peptides and soothing organic Aloe Vera, our hydrating Seaweed Peptide Eye Gel is a multitalented product which leaves your under-eye area firm, bright and healthy looking! Have you ever seen a mermaid with dark circles?

Ginger Root Daily Moisturiser

This daily moisturising formula is packed with natural actives including Ginger Root and Organic Aloe Vera. This non-sticky formula is the perfect everyday moisturiser that will leave your skin feeling nourished and ready for the day ahead.

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Peppermint Oil 🌿

This Cleanser uses a small percentage of Peppermint Oil, which has natural cleansing properties that will leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalised. Its anti-microbial properties also mean it's amazingly good at helping support your skins natural oil balance. The peppermint does of course give a natural scent!

Niacinamide 💊

Also known as B3, Niacinamide can't be produced in your body, but it is essential in your skincare routine if you're suffering with uneven skin tone. This multi-talented ingredient has calming anti-blemish, anti-wrinkle, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to even skin tone and minimise pores.

Pure Peptide 🧬

Pure Peptide is collagen's best friend. It aids a process known as collagen synthesis, which renews the skin and minimises signs of ageing. Maintaining collagen levels is essential in any skincare regime focused on tackling fine lines and wrinkles.

Ginger Root Extract ✴️

The perfect ingredient for stressed skin, Ginger Root renews and smooths your complexion, and is known for reducing the appearance of fine lines and evening skin tone. And what's best is it smells great too, without the addition of artificial fragrances.

Step 1: Cleanse with the Peppermint Daily Cleanser to help calm and refresh your skin whilst removing daily pollutants.

Step 2: Apply a few drops of the Niacinamide Daily Toner to your skin to rebalance your complexion. We recommend applying with a reusable makeup remover pad or cotton pad if your toner is helping to remove impurities. You can also gently press the product into your skin with your fingertips.

Step 3: Gently dab a small amount of Seaweed Peptide Eye Gel under and around your eyes, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and brighten the area.

Step 4: Apply Ginger Root Daily Moisturiser to your skin, gently spreading to avoid causing too much friction. Softly press the product into your skin to help absorption. 

Tip: Add a Q+A serum after toning to target a specific concern, such as oiliness and blemishes, dry areas, or signs of ageing!  

This Bundle Contains:
1x 125ml Daily Peppermint Cleanser
1x 100ml Daily Ginger Root Moisturiser
1x 15ml Seaweed Peptide Eye Gel
1x 100ml Niacinamide Daily Toner

This bundle contains four full-sized products. More detailed information on each product, including a full ingredient list, can be found on the individual product pages.

Made in the UK.

This bundle is suitable for vegans. Q+A products are not tested on animals, and never will be.

*A £5 reduction has been taken from the total price of the products included in the bundle if purchased individually.

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