How can you use a Multi-Balm?

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How can you use a Multi-Balm?


We’re so excited to introduce our newest addition to the Q+A family - the Grapefruit Multi-Balm! This versatile beauty essential is a must-have for every regime. They say the best things come in small packages, and this product is the ultimate multi-tasker.

Before we dive into some of the ways this wonder balm can be put to work, let’s quickly talk formulation. A unique blend of Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Squalane and Alpha Bisabolol work in harmony to create a deeply moisturising and calming balm. These nourishing ingredients have skin-similar qualities, allowing them to penetrate the skin's surface and deliver powerful hydration to even the most dehydrated and stressed skin. And as if that wasn’t enough, the infusion of Grapefruit provides a refreshing, natural aroma and a hit of anti-oxidants to revitalise the skin.

As if it couldn't get any better, unlike other multi-purpose balms, our formula is 100% vegan! Instead of the commonly used Lanolin and Beeswax, we only use natural oils like Caster Oil and Jojoba Oil.

So, how can you make the most of the Grapefruit Multi-Balm? Here are just six ways to get you started:

Lip Balm

Probably the first use that springs to mind. Thanks to the Squalane in our formula, this balm protects against trans-epidermal-water-loss (TEWL), keeping your lips soft and hydrated all day long. It will give your lips a glowy finish without sticky lip gloss.

Cuticle Balm

Our Grapefruit Multi-Balm makes a great solution for dry cuticles. Massage a small amount of Multi-Balm into your fingertips and cuticles before bed to help prolong the life of your manicure.

Dry Patches

Our Multi-Balm might be your skin saviour if you have dry patches on your hands, face, elbows, or knees. The Cocoa Butter in our formula helps to nourish the skin. It’s also perfect for any dry patches left over from breakouts or for keeping cuticles soft and healthy.

Brow Tamer

Smooth unruly brows with a light swipe of Multi-Balm using a spooly wand. Enriched with nourishing Caster Oil, this versatile balm also doubles up as a conditioning treatment to keep your brows healthy after a tint or brow lamination.

Tattoo Balm

Our Multi-Balm is the perfect aftercare product for a new tattoo, thanks to the soothing and hydrating properties of Alpha Bisabolol. Use it to help keep your tattoo moisturised and maintain its vibrant appearance.


For a natural-looking glow, apply the Multi Balm to the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid's bow. Perfect for those no-makeup makeup days! You can even add a few drops of liquid highlight for an even glowier finish.

In short, the Grapefruit Multi-Balm is a multitasking powerhouse that deserves a spot in every skincare routine. And at only £6.50, it’s an absolute steal.

Try it out and see the results for yourself!

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