How can you love your skin with Vitamin A.C.E?

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As another Valentine’s Day passes, it’s important to remember that you should always take time out to show your skin some love! Our Vitamin A.C.E. Cleansing Shower Oil and Warming Gel Face Mask are the perfect way to do so, formulated with ingredients that will make you fall in love with your skin, giving it the pamper it deserves. 

So, what is Vitamin A.C.E?

Vitamins A, C, & E promote healthy cell turnover, speed up skin repair, and even balance skin tone for a smoother, supple complexion. But where do these skin-loving vitamins come from?

Berries are the most common source of Vitamins A, C and E. Aside from being a tasty treat, they are a great ingredient for maintaining good skin health. Alongside their rich vitamin content, they also contain a high antioxidant level. These compounds target free radicals, preventing oxidative stress, a reaction that can lead to the breakdown of collagen and premature ageing.

Now, let’s take a look at the berry goodness found in our Vitamin A.C.E range!

Acai: Rich in Vitamins A, BB1, B2, B3, C and E, Acai is a superfood ingredient that helps to hydrate and restore the skin.

Pomegranate: Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, Pomegranate helps improve the appearance of skin, by supporting a healthy complexion and provides skin-soothing benefits.

Cranberry: This extract in naturally rich in Salicylic Acid, which helps to encourage a brighter complexion for softer, smoother skin.

Camu Camu: Brighter and more-even skin tone can be expected thanks to Camu Camu’s high Vitamin C content. Packed with antioxidants, they provide protection against UV damage to help fight signs of ageing.

Sea Buckthorn: The golden orange hue of our Vitamin A.C.E products comes from Sea Buckthorn. This nutrient-rich berry helps to hydrate the skin, whilst its high content of fatty acid helps to moisturise and restore happy, healthy skin.

Vitamin A.C.E Shower Oil

This cleansing shower oil works to soothe, nourish, and renew your skin whilst providing a luxurious and moisturising cleanse. Scented with a tropical blend of Mango and Guava and formulated with a unique Superfood complex, it’s the ideal bodycare product for dry or sensitive skin types. It can be used morning and night to rejuvenate the skin - just lather a generous amount of the product with warm water before gently applying to wet skin and rinsing clean.

Vitamin A.C.E Cleansing Shower Oil

Vitamin A.C.E Warming Gel Mask

Looking for an at-home spa experience? Warming on application, the Vitamin A.C.E Warming Gel Mask transforms into a hydrating milk as it washes away, leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and brightened. To use, apply a thick layer with your fingers or a brush, and sit back and relax 10 minutes. Rinse the mask away with warm water (and a facecloth if necessary). Ideal for dry and dull skin types, this face mask is best used 1-2 times a week. It’s also 100% natural!  

Vitamin A.C.E Warming Gel Mask

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