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Q+A Price Freeze Promise


The current cost-of-living crisis means that everyone is feeling the pinch right now. So, it’s no surprise our spending habits have been hit hard and are impacting our daily essentials like skincare, which is why we are freezing the prices on all our products.

Here’s what our founder, Freddy Furber, had to say about the announcement:

“Q+A was launched to create highly affordable, easy-to-understand, natural skincare. Our belief has always been that high-performance, ingredient-led skincare should be made available for everyone (with products ranging from £6.50 to £12 since our launch in 2019).   

I am pleased to announce that we will be freezing the prices of all our products for the next 6 months until the end of June 2023, intending to do so again in 6 months. We understand the pressure every household is under, and we wish to continue to deliver that ‘affordable luxury’ to support our customers without compromise.   

Q+A is a vertically integrated UK business meaning each product is developed by our expert in-house chemists and manufactured by our passionate team. We are truly independent, and despite the inevitability of increased overheads, we are confident that the brand's continued success will allow enough scale for us to absorb increased supply chain costs rather than pass these onto our customers with the expansion of our manufacturing facilities & HQ in 2023.    

While other affordable beauty brands increase product prices by up to 40%, we want our prices to reflect the financial squeeze that everyone is currently experiencing. Because of this, we promise that all Q+A products will remain at the same price in your shopping basket for the next six months (at least), keeping the range priced from £6.50 to £12.”

We hope that this price freeze will bring a little relief to our customers during these challenging times. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in Q+A.

Charlee @ Team Q+A

Charlee Grimson

Marketing and E-commerce Administrator | Current favourite: Oat Milk Cream Cleanser