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Q: Should I be cleansing morning and night?


Let’s chat about cleansing! It may be your way to shed the day’s events and unwind, or the step you debate when you realise how late you have stayed up, or how long you’ve overslept! One thing rings true - cleansing is absolutely essential for good skin health and should never be skipped. Do the reasons you cleanse in the evening and in the morning mirror each other though? Let’s get the low down on the benefits of each!

Cleansing in the evening?

I’m hoping we’re all pretty comfortable with an evening cleanse. Whatever you may have gotten up to in the fifteen-ish hours prior leaves some calling cards on our skin. The air outside can contain pollutants like smoke, dust and dirt that can clog your pores and incite cell damage, and don’t forget about bacteria. Left to their own devices overnight, these pollutants can stress out our skin, worsen any blemishes or dry and sensitive areas, and generally make our skin super dull by the time we wake up.

On top of this, you probably applied a product that morning which is designed to sit on the skin, either as protection (like a moisturiser or SPF), or for aesthetics (like makeup). By the evening, they have well and truly done their jobs, and are ready to retire. Oils and moisturisers help to keep moisture in the skin, but they can also stop you from absorbing moisture from hydrating products layered over the top. Makeup can do the same, as well as trap sebum underneath leading to clogged pores. Opting for an oil based-cleanser like our Grapefruit Cleansing Balm or Rosehip Cleansing Oil is the best way to melt away product build-up. We’d even recommend a double cleanse, which you can read more about here.

Cleansing can also have an array of skin benefits that are separate to just keeping your skin clean, and this is heavily influenced by the cleanser you choose! Cleansers can help to hydrate your skin (Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cleanser, we’re talking about you), tackle breakouts and even soothe irritation. Use our checklist when picking your Q+A cleanser to learn about its extra-benefits.

Make cleansing the first step in your evening routine to help rid your skin of anything nasty, prepare for easy absorption of your favourite products and kick-start your targeted skincare regime.

Cleansing in the morning?

Despite hours passing whilst we’re asleep, it can sometimes feel like the blink of an eye between doing your evening routine and hopping into bed, and your alarm going off, which might make the idea of cleansing in the morning seem a little redundant. However, there are plenty of reasons why this isn’t true.

Whilst you were sleeping, your skin was producing sebum, working with your evening routine actives, and undergoing regular skin turnover. Each skin cell has a life span of around 27 days, from when it is first generated in your skin, to when it dies and is replaced by a healthier cell. Because you have over a trillion skin cells in your body, the rate per minute of dead cells is in the tens of thousands. Dead skin cells on your face can drift off to become dust, or remain sitting on your skin, clogging your pores and making your complexion appear lacklustre or dull. Plus, this is all happening under the protective layer of moisturiser or oil that you applied before going to bed.

I’m guessing at this point, the visual image of you applying your daily moisturiser, SPF or makeup over the top of this is enough to get you on board with morning cleansing? When you skip the cleanser and go straight to layering, you can trap pollutants against the skin which can cause clogged pores, skin irritation, dullness, skin flushing, and the worsening of blemishes and dry patches. And finally, clean skin is the perfect way to ensure easy absorption of your favourite skincare products, and smooth application of your makeup for a glowing complexion all day long.

Cleansing can also be a great wake-me-up, especially if you choose a refreshing product like our Peppermint Daily Cleanser! This Cleanser uses a small percentage of Peppermint Oil, which has natural cleansing properties. Its fresh scent will leave you, and your skin feeling wide-awake and revitalised. 

Now I may have made this sound quite dramatic, but if you struggle to get out of bed in time to eat breakfast and get dressed and get to work on time, let alone add another step to your skincare routine, you do have another option. A toner or micellar water, applied with a reusable cotton pad or soft face cloth, can help to refresh your skin in a matter of seconds. I would recommend getting into the habit of cleansing, but for a quick fix which is better than nothing, this can be a skin-saver.

So to summarise… Should you be cleansing morning and night? Yes! Your skin will absolutely thank you for it, and you’ll be thanking your skin for looking so damn gorgeous all of the time!

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