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Q: Which toner should I choose, Niacinamide Daily Toner or Green Tea Daily Toner?


We love toners, and the balancing act they can perfectly perform on our skin. But unlike what you may believe, there is no one-size-fits-all option! Which leads us to the newest of our versus series, where we put two products of the same format under a spotlight, to find their strengths and ultimately help you choose which one to give a place on your bathroom shelf… the paramount stage.

Act 1: Setting the Scene

For those of us still a little unsure of using a toner, let me give you a little background information. A long time ago and in a land far away (and by that, I mean relatively recently and not far away at all), our hero toner emerged to rebalance your skin after being stripped of essential moisture by a band of harsh face washes. We decided to boo said face washes off the stage, and they were replaced by much kinder, more sensitive cleansers. In response, toners expanded their repertoire to other skin concerns we face day to day. They provide extra support to your cleanser, helping to clear away any lingering impurities, excess oils or everyday pollutants, as well as evening your skin tone and calming any irritation.

The right toner will clear the aisles and usher your serums into your skin with effortless ease, leaving you with a complexion worthy of the big screen.

Enter Niacinamide Daily Toner from the right side of the stage. Think of Niacinamide as the all-knowing narrator that just happens to know exactly what is about to happen before it plays out, and pushes the characters to act quickly to stop any potential growing threats.

Or perhaps it is Green Tea Daily Toner from the left wing. The Fairy God-parent type, who happens to swoop in right at the heat of the conflict, when all seems lost, with a little magic to put things back on track!

Act 2: The Characters

A performance is nothing without its ensemble, and a toner is nothing without its active ingredients!

Niacinamide & Aloe Vera are our first toner's protagonists, the major players. Niacinamide could easily be called a triple threat, able to perform pore and blemish minimising, fine line and wrinkling reducing, and calming benefits with ease. A great communicator, the ingredient signals for new, healthy skin cells, not just to understudy, but replace damaged and older skin cells. Even skin tone is also oh-so-achievable with Niacinamide's ability to interrupt the process of hyperpigmentation, fading redness and pesky dark spots. Aloe Vera boasts polysaccharides, which help to repair and regenerate skin cells, and creates a protective barrier which not only keeps these hydrating and rejuvenating ingredients safely in, but irritants that could further aggravate or damage your skin firmly out

Taking centre stage for our second toner is Green Tea and Tasmanian Pepperberry. A tale as old as time, Green Tea is a healthy, calming boost to our bodies, no different when consumed or applied topically. With talented antioxidants which also have anti-stress abilities, Green Tea can protect against environmental damage whilst helping to repair existing damage with the grace of a ballerina. Lesser known in skincare circles is Tasmanian Pepperberry, and that says nothing about how amazing it is! The ingredient is known to instantly ease feelings of itchiness and redness.

Act 3: The Plot

So now that we're up to speed on toners, and which ingredients may make up our perfect cast, where do these two towers fit into the plot of your lives?

The Niacinamide Daily Tower sees your future skin woes and seeks to stop it. The ultimate breakout preventer, regular use helps normal to oily and mature skin types stay healthy and bright throughout the day and into the evening. Used in the mornings, this toner can protect your skin from all the foes and fiends you might encounter; like dust, dirt, sun damage (although you should always be accompanied by an SPF!), air pollution and pesky free radicals. It'll even have your back in fighting the microbes that can lead to maskne and clogged pores! This toner is your umbrella on a cloudy day, and your ticket to a bright, healthy complexion.

On the other hand, the Green Tea Daily Toner is your raincoat in a storm, and the warm, dry towel when you get home, your ticket out of a show that you're rather not enjoying. Jam-packed with the antioxidant power of polyphenols, catechin and EGCG, alongside super moisturising Vitamin E, it can instantly find the causes of your skin discomfort and send them packing! If you find that your sensitive, dry or stressed skin gets to the end of the day with visible signs of irritation on patchy looking areas... Green Tea is for you. Whether to soothe your skin after taking your final curtain call, or as a calming pick-me-up during your day's intermission, this toner has your back.

And that leads us back to you… which shall you chose? The future-seeing Niacinamide Daily Toner, which is now available in a 200ml size to keep you looking bright and healthy (with 25% less plastic use), or your Fairy God-parent, the new-in Green Tea Daily Toner?

Bye for now,

Amy @ Team Q+A

Amy Robson
Online community coordinator at Q+A and will be giving the new 200ml Niacinamide a solo spot on the bathroom counter 🎭  


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