Ingredient Glossary

Cleansing Soothing Balancing

Peppermint Leaf Oil

What does it do?

Peppermint Leaf Oil is an anti-bacterial essential oil. It has natural cleansing properties and, when diluted with other carrier oils, can be used to provide a cooling, soothing sensation to energise the skin and help reduce irritation. It also helps regulate sebum and balance the overproduction of oil, along with helping to lock in moisture to keep the skin hydrated.

Where does it originate from?

We use two Peppermint Leaf essential oils, one extracted from the Peppermint plant and the other from the Wild Mint/Corn Mint plant. These are both native to India, where it is both grown and distilled.

When should I use it?

This ingredient can be used day and night.

What skin type is it best suited to?

Peppermint Leaf Oil is best suited to normal, combination or oily skin types. It can also be used as a treatment for oily scalps.

What else do I need to know?

Peppermint Oil contains menthol, the organic compound which is responsible for a cooling sensation. 

Which Q+A products feature Peppermint Oil?

Peppermint Daily Cleanser