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Smoother Skin

I have been using this retinol every night for the last 3 weeks and have seen great results. My skin is sensitive and dry and I have never found a retinol until now that I could use that my skin reacted favourably with. I am shocked at the effectiveness of this inexpensive product as I only use high end products and bought it on a whim and didn’t expect these type of results at all. My mature skin is definitely smoother, more even and brighter. I don’t have any lines so not sure how good it is at diminishing those, but my skin looks brighter and I look refreshed. I have had no negative reactions to this formula which is quite unusual for me, when trying something new.I am now going to look at other products from this company as so impressed with this one.

First retinol, absolutely useless

I have been using this product for over three months now. TBH I don't know why I bought
it at all. It has made no difference to my skin whatsoever.
The only positive is my sensitive skin didn't get irritated.
Wouldn't buy products from this line

Love this product!

Q+A's Retinol Facial Serum makes my skin look and feel radiant. Unlike some other retinol serums I have tried, it never irritates my skin. Great value!!