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Lucy S.
Really helpful

I’m 52 and am (mostly post-) menopausal. What I’ve always had a problem with is rosacea. I’ve used a high street, no animal testing, brand and another ethical British brand with the right animal testing ban credentials for years. But I’ve always had two problems - my face was still red and the sugary glycerin pot-holing of my face from the glycerin was ridiculous. Somehow, Q+A have included glycerine in their products without the same effects. Brilliant. I know zinc is good for your skin, but it was the mushrooms in this product that intrigued me and sure as dammit, the redness has completely disappeared. I can see cheek bones rather a a beach of redness around my lower cheeks. This is just a perfect product. Follow it with the marine toning lotion and whatever else and I swear I look 42!

A staple!!!

I absolutely LOVE this serum. My skin was a mess a few years ago and this is the only thing that wouldn't irritate it. I saw SUCH a massive difference as I started using this consistently. It's not sticky, goes on so nicely and most importantly makes a huge difference to my skin...I make sure I never run out of this product, it will forever be a staple for me that I use every, single day

Best facial serum I've ever used

I I have suffered with acne for many years and tried a million different products, some of which are quite inflamming and aggressive in terms of active ingredients. I've found some higher-end brands work well, but have dubious animal-testing policies, so I have historically struggled to find something effective but is acceptable to use. I would compare this to some anti-blemish serums that cost 5x the price. This has improved the overall condition of my skin remarkably over 2 months, to the point people have complimented my complexion. I don't wear foundation anymore! It doesn't irradicate pesky hormonal chin spots (I don't think any skincare can, really), but my skin is certainly clearer and blemishes fade quickly. Fine forehead lines seem to just smooth out abit. It isn't irritating, sticky or strongly scented. I wouldn't describe it as hugely moisturising but definately isn't drying - this just means is doesn't clog pores/make you shiny and I just layer with moisturiser on patches, if needed. Amazing value for money, vegan and actually works - huge fan :)