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Q+A Loves: July Edition

Hello again!

We're back with another little dive into how team Q+A has been keeping themselves occupied during the jubilant month of July! Over the last four weeks we've returned to our office, and welcomed a few new faces to the family. It's been lovely to see each other face-to-face, with a good distance between us of course, especially our wonderful production assistants who have been keeping the serums flowing and the moisturisers beautifully boxed and labelled throughout lockdown. 

Please don't hesitate to let us know the books, movies, games etc. you've been enjoying this month! We're always eager for suggestions!


What are we reading?

A mix of classics, and some titles you may not have heard of...

The Woman in the Dunes, Kōbō Abe

When he's not busy with his two young children, and helping out all around the company, Rich has started this novel, translated from Japanese, in an effort to balance his bookshelf with more female authors.

The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett

Tim, who you'll remember as our Warehouse and Production Manager, has been reading this historical fiction novel which tells a tale of the building of a cathedral, and anarchy (what a combo!)

The Batman Who Laughs, Scott Snyder

One of our Production Assistants, Nathan, has been enjoying reading this DC comic which follows the titular supervillain, a hybrid of Batman and Joker

Girl, Woman, Other, Bernardine Evaristo 

I sat down to read this Booker Prize winner, an eye-opening experience for anyone looking to understand the racial and intersectional micro-aggressions which persist in our society 

Other notables:

Diaries by Alan Clark - Alexander, Director

The Pike by Lucy Hughes Hallett - Kieran, Production Assistant

Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer - Janet, Head of NPD and Purchasing



What are we watching?

Whilst we're not hard at work, what have we been screening at home?

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Another one of our Production Assistants, Nikki, has been returning to an animated favourite, which no doubt has some keen messages for peace and understanding 

Down To Earth with Zac Efron

Isabella, one of our Key Account Managers, has been pleasantly surprised by the focus, sincerity and knowledge which Zac Efron brings to his travel documentary on sustainable living

Desperate Housewives

We welcomed a new Marketing Associate, Rose to our ranks this month! She enjoys a little soap opera drama in her down time. 

Made in Chelsea

Our Business Systems Analyst Chris is enjoying a little (structured) reality tv with this British staple. With 11 seasons, it'll likely keep him amused all through August, too!


What have we been buying?

It might sound a little strange, but this is what have we been brightening up our lives with...


Both Jose and Al decided this was the month for some fine wines, their picks being a Vinho Verde and Amarone. 
Rich also gets a shout out for saying his best buy was his first pint at the pub!


Apparently the time for a new TV is as we're all getting back out of the house? Can't argue with both Albie and Kieran who decided it was time for a new screen


What else have we been doing?

Aside from trying to enjoy the longer lasting sunshine before Summer's end, of course!

Living Sustainably

Isabella has turned to eBay for second-hand clothes, rather than purchasing new. Her first find, a pair of silver boots!

Puppy Training

Yes, we love our dogs here at Q+A! Rose has been taking care of 5 month old Jessie the French Bulldog, what a cutie! (Although probably a little young for the Peptide Serum...)

Other notables:

Baking - Tim steps out of the warehouse, and into the kitchen, honing his baking skills. We're still waiting on some treats at work though...

Playing video games - Nikki and Carl have been sticking with some classic faves with TerraGenesis and League of Legends.

Den Building - Rich has been continuing his parenting wins by perfecting the art of pillow forts and bedsheet tents for his 2 year old. 


What have we been listening to?

An interesting collection this month!

Black Sun Empire

- Nikki

- Nathan 

War of the Worlds

- Janet

No Such Thing as a Fish
- Jose

Feel Good Inc. 

- Tim

Times Radio
- Alexander


Which Q+A products have we been reaching for? 

We've had no clear winner this week, with team Q+A loving the entire range; from the Liquorice Lip Oil for dry lips, Ginger Root Daily Moisturiser to double as hand cream on the go, and Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum for extra glow... But the combination of Peppermint Daily Cleanser and Niacinamide Daily Toner is an absolute summer winner in itself! 

With masks now required to be worn in shops as well as on public transport, it's even more important to cleanse your skin, and balance those oils for a clear complexion!

If you made it this far, thank you for being an integral part of the wider Q+A community! Hopefully something here has inspired you for the coming August! 

As always, please let us know if you have any particular questions for the team, something you'd like us to try, or anything to do with the products! We're here to answer them :) 

See you in August!

Amy Robson
Aspiring author, craft addict, and Q+A's Online Community Coordinator 

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