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Q+A Loves: August Edition


Whilst there are a few days left of August, we're tuning in to see what weird and wonderful things occupied Team Q+A in their downtime this month... through glorious sunshine, thundering rain, and wind even a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man would get dizzy in. 

We're also excited the team has been growing! You might see some new names start to crop up 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️


What have we been listening to?

It's a real mixed bag this month, from live concerts to detective podcasts...

Good Energy Playlist - Spotify 

Lucy was accepting good vibes only this month by tuning in to this curated playlist set to get you smiling!

Punisher - Phoebe Bridgers

Ex-musician and our founder Freddy has been listening to Bridgers' second studio album, which has quite a different energy to Lucy's pick!

At Filmore East - The Allman Brothers Band

Our director Alexander has transported himself back to 1971 live at the Filmore East in NYC with this southern rock album

Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry - BBC Radio 4

This month Nathan, who packs your orders, has been following these two science sleuths in a journey for truth, with the listeners providing the mysteries...

Other notables:

Miles - Blu & Exile - Kieran, Production Assistant

Dead Ringers - BBC Radio 4 - Julia, Finance Director

Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits - Tim, Warehouse and Production Manager

Green - Bull - Isabella, Key Account Manager


What are we watching?

The team is making sure we're getting the most out of our various streaming services!

Three Identical Strangers

This documentary about triplets separated at birth was a memorable watch for Rich, and sparked some interesting water-cooler chats, so to speak


When one of our new Process Chemists Adam isn't hard at work or sitting through endless hours of Paw Patrol with his kids, the latest season of Lucifer has been gracing his TV screen

SheerLuxe Show

Lucy is also keeping up with the SheerLuxe team as they talk about new Instagram fashion brands, and Holland & Barrett's new skincare ranges... Is it just a coincidence Q+A is featured?


What have we been cooking?

Yes, this month has seen Team Q+A spending a lot of time in the kitchen! Hope you're not hungry before reading this...



Our Ecommerce & Marketing Manager Jose has been making dumplings from scratch,  with a delectable filling of pork, bok choy, ginger and oyster sauce


One of our Production Assistants Pati is proud to have perfected his from-scratch pizza! All you need is tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil

Chinese Pancakes

Julia has been trying her hand at these yummy savoury pancakes.  

All things courgette!

Whilst Janet has been slaving away growing courgettes as long as our arms and twice as round, the some of us have been eating the reward! From zucchini noodles to ratatouille, we've been enjoying these mammoth veggies


What else have we been up to?

New skills and favourite hobbies, these side projects are keeping us entertained

Building a new home office

A new job calls for a new setup! We recently welcomed James, taking the role of Head Development Chemist, to Team Q+A.

Feeding deer and stags

Albie spent a weekend enjoying the delights nature has to offer, including bribing some deer and a stag with friendship by feeding them with his bare hands. 

Wood working

Rich decided to repurpose some broken wooden pallets from our warehouse into a stool for his son to reach the bathroom sink. Talk about eco-friendly!

Eating out to help out

For those of you not in the UK, we've been eating half price meals this month as part of a government scheme to help support businesses... And we have been taking advantage. This picture was taken by Rose!

Other notables:

Enjoying outdoor adventures with Luna (pictured left) and Marou - Aleks, our other Process Chemist, has kept her two pups busy over the last four weeks! I hope Luna looks at Aleks with the same love as she does at those Q+A boxes!

Appreciating a crate of craft beer - Chris, our Business Systems Analyst, knows how to relax after a long day with a quality brew

Upcycling jeans with hand embroidery - I've been keeping busy trying to refresh a pair of old jeans with something new and exciting... and sustainable!

Preseason training - Another production assistant, Jade, is prepping for the upcoming season as her football team's goalie, enjoying being out on the field after a long lockdown!


Which Q+A products have we been reaching for? 

Just like how Luna can't pick a favourite between those Q+A serums and oils, the team here has had some difficulty identifying a standout!

Rose has found the Niacinamide Toner to be helping clear her skin, whilst Glory and Nikki have been soothing their under eye areas with the Caffeine Eye Serum, and Isabella and Lucy have been priming their makeup this month with Ginger Root and Hyaluronic Acid respectively. I'm on the side of Super Food, as those cold fronts bring in drier skin, and Freddy is enjoying what he refers to as Q+A's best all-round anti-ageing product in the range, 5-HTP. 

But my favourite answer to this question has to be Tim's, who chose the Collagen Cream because it apparently makes him look ten years younger! And I promise that's not just shameless self-promotion 😉

That's all for August, I hope we've provided some inspiration for September, or helped you get to know a little bit more about us all here at Q+A HQ. 

Til' next month!

Amy Robson
Aspiring author, craft addict, and Q+A's Online Community Coordinator 

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