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Q+A Loves: October Edition


And a happy November to you all! I know Tuesday isn't our usual time slot but we were just having too much fun with our 1st Birthday celebrations last week 🥳 If you haven't checked out all our new products, I break them down on our most recent blog here

So what else to say about October? We've welcomed a few new fresh faces to the Q+A team, worked through torrential rain, blustering winds and lovely sunshine, and enjoyed congratulating each other on how far we've come in a year... If you haven't seen our achievements blog, our little team has somehow consumed over 7000 hot drinks since we started fulfilling your orders! But enough with that, and onto this blog!


What are we watching?

Some inspo for the looming lockdown! 

The Boys 

Eliza, who has just joined us as our Sales and Purchasing Administrator, and Nathan are enjoying watching this show about justice for rogue superheroes!

Raised By Wolves

Not exactly what you might expect from the title, Nikki's choice this month is follows two androids as they attempt to raise a human child

Queen & Slim 

Rich chose this tale of two runaways from the police, which has some very relevant messages regarding the current struggle for racial equality 


Going for a horror film this month, Faye recommended this Jordan Peele directed story about a family attacked by their doppelgängers

Other notables:

Twin - Tim was captivated by this BBC crime thriller, starring Kristofer Hivju 

GP's Behind Closed Doors - This month Lucy has gotten her medical fascination fill from this docuseries across British GP surgeries

Onward - Patrick, our new Business Systems Analyst, opted for this soon-to-be animated favourite 

Downton Abbey - Our new production assistant Alex embarked on watching this beloved show, especially good timing now that all of the seasons and film are available to watch!


What have we been learning?

I dare say food is going to become an eternal running theme...

Pizza Making

Isabella is making good use of her new outdoor pizza oven to perfect the pizza making art. Apparently it was so delicious she forgot to take an 'after' photo!

Pasta Making

We're a bunch of foodies here at Q+A! Pati is working on his homemade pasta, using squid ink for that extra flair, colour and taste! 


Eliza is following in Rich's footsteps this month with some pallet DIY! She harnessed her creative energy into building this lovely dining table for her flat


I mentioned upcycling my jeans with embroidery in August's edition, and now they're finally done! 

Pumpkin Carving

They may have missed out on dressing up for Halloween, but Chris and Rose kept up the spooky spirit by carving pumpkins


Julia used the chick pea medium this month to whip up some delicious hummus. Well, I assume it is, we're still waiting for some samples!

Other notables:

Autumn Cleaning - It's still Spring somewhere, so our new production assistant Jamie is helping to clean out his mother-in-law's bungalow in time for Christmas

Playing Football - Both Jade and Jordan in our warehouse have enjoyed an uninterrupted month of outdoor footy with their friends 

Enjoying the great outdoors - Richard (not to be confused with Rich), has said how suddenly wonderful park trips are with his kids, now that school is back in! 

Spending time with gorgeous dogs - Patrick and his greyhound have joined the very respectable group of Q+A loving pups - that's definitely a look of excitement! 


What have we been listening to?

From education, to news, to something to bop along to...

Rock N Roll Politics, Steve Richards

Al is keeping a keen eye, and ear, on this weekly podcast breakdown on the UK's ongoing political dramas

Last Year Was Weird Vol. 2, Tkay Maidza

Kieran picked this as his top album for October listening, by this Australian singer-songwriter in the Electropop genre

Lord Huron

Unable to pick a favourite song or album, Freddy chose Lord Huron, an American indie folk band, as his go to artist this month

The Smart 7

Ever wanted a seven minute breakdown of everything news/entertainments/politics/sport etc. related that you might need for the day ahead? Well, Lucy's pick does exactly that!

LP5, John Moreland

Rich went for this studio album as his musical pick, released just this year and the artist's fifth album to date

From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast

The Norwich Native goes extensively into his life, or the Alan Partridge Universe, or APU, as a few reviewers are calling it.. And Julia is along for the ride!


Which Q+A products have we been reaching for? 

We have a few new contenders this month...

Whilst some of the team, like Al, Freddy and Eliza are going for the classic favourites Ginger Root, 5-HTP and Peppermint, it can't compete with the ravings over our new products which joined the collection for our first birthday! 

Rose and I are Apple AHA fanatics! Over the past few weeks of use my blackheads have shrunk away, and my maskne has definitely not been as red! 

Isabella on the other hand is excited to talk about the Hyaluronic Cleanser as it's been her favourite since we first tested it earlier in the year. She LOVES it with all caps!  

 But the clear winner, with glowing endorsements from Tim, Rich and Lucy to name a few, is the Chamomile Night Cream! From soothing irritation, to nourishing their dry and sensitive skin, we cannot get enough of this purple packaged delight. 

What an exciting month! I hope you all had a good one too, whether it was making the most of a Covid Halloween or the lovely patches of sunshine as they came, and enjoying our birthday of course 🤩 As always, let us know what made your October worthwhile or if you've got a show, album or hobby you think we'd like to try out!

And a happy hello to November, we look forward to it being a fun-filled lead up to the silly season! 

Amy Robson
Aspiring author, craft addict, and Q+A's Online Community Coordinator

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