Q+A Loves: November Edition

Q+A Loves

Q+A Loves: November Edition

Welcome back!

And happy end of November!  In the UK we've been back at home and trying to keep everyone safe, as the nights settle in earlier and the temperature slinks into consistent single digits. Who needs sunshine when you have lovely grey skies?

Even though some of the team are working from home, we're always collaborating and today's blog is no different! We love to see what everyone is getting up to in their spare time, as well as share those passions with you. So let's get on with it...


What have we been listening to?

A real mix of music, literature, and sport, the sounds gracing our headphones, car speakers and phones...

Therefore I am - Billie Eilish 

Both Lucy and I have had this song on repeat this month, and I expect for a while longer! An absolute vibe.

Alas, Babylon - Pat Frank

Going for something far from cheery, Rich has been listening to this audiobook about a United States ravaged by nuclear war and those who survived. 

Tom Grennan

We've got two fans of this alternative/indie artist, with Isabella opting for his powerful This is the Place, and Eliza preferring  an older song of his, This is the Age. So this must be the artist to check out!

BBC Radio Norfolk - Saturday Sport

New to our ranks, Gary isn't going to miss out on his weekly sports updates just because he can't go out to matches, with soccer being his prime reason to tune in.

Other notables:

Till it's Gone - Yelawolf - Tim

Visions of Bodies Being Burned - Clipping - Kieran

Paramore - Tony

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe - Nathan


What are we watching?

From the faves we tune into each week, to totally binge-able shows!

The Crown 

Now in it's fourth season and dealing with the last seventies to the start of the nineties, Al and Julia tuned in to this enthralling series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

The Undoing

Chloe, who's recently joined us as our Junior Artworker, has been enjoying this psychological thriller which stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant


Jade's pick this month has been running since 1995, so if you're looking for a soap opera with plenty of episodes to carry you through more covid restrictions, perhaps this is the one!

The Queen's Gambit

Based off the book of the same name, this drama which Faye has picked as her November pick follows a young woman on her plight to become a chess grandmaster. 

Other notables:

The Great British Bake Off - Albie

The Social Dilemma - Rose

Don't Rock the Boat - Lucy

I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! - Patrick


What else have we been up to?

Have to fill the time somehow in lockdown!


It would be unthinkable to have a month without a new culinary adventure from the team! Rose is proud of a delicious curry made from scratch, Pati has turned his attentions to jacket potatoes, and Patrick is enjoying using his weekends to experiment with new meals


We've got some athletes in our midst,  with Tim adjusting to winter evenings out racking up those kms, and Eliza turning from running-avoiding to setting a goal of 5kms in 25 minutes before Christmas!

Furniture Building

Our Process Chemist Adam set his sights on building a dining room table in November, which turned out just lovely!

Christmas Decorating

It's never too early to start decorating with some festive cheer, so I decided to make my own plastic-free baubles this year!

Board Gaming

Lockdown calls for some family bonding time, which is why Lucy picked up an old box of Monopoly from a second hand store, and Rose busted out the Monopoly Deal cards. Let's hope their games were free from friendship ending arguments!

Christmas Shopping

Our team's best buys this month were overwhelmingly their Christmas shopping! Getting in early and making good use of those Black Friday sales, I wonder how many Secret Santa pressies are ready to be wrapped and gifted?


Which Q+A products have we been reaching for? 

Close as always, but the team has ended up at a three way tie... 

Our new products have taken the spotlight again this month, with all four receiving a lot of love! Freddy is stocked up with Seaweed Peptide Eye Gel to keep his eyes looking fresh as Winter sets in, and Rose is raving about the soothing Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cleanser and how lovely the texture is. Faye has said she LOVES the Apple AHA Exfoliating Gel, all caps, because of how gently it exfoliates her skin without any irritation. But I think the crown has to go to Chamomile Night Cream for it's glowing recommendations from the team, including Tim's assertion that it helps him sleep like a baby, my love for it's instant calming effect, especially for red and angry sports, and Eliza's comment that it helps her wake up feeling deeply moisturised, hydrated and glowy. That's what we like to hear!

If you were lucky enough to pick up one of our exclusive Grapefruit Cleansing Balms over the Black Friday weekend, I expect you'll be in our boat singing its praises this time next month! 

That's me for now, thank you for reading through November with us! And here's to a relaxing and joy-filled December, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, something else, or none of the above. 

Over and out!

Amy Robson
Aspiring author, craft addict, and Q+A's Online Community Coordinator